When the founders of the company got together they had a clear vision to run the staffing company with a difference and with ethics, where the correct things are not happening by fluke. Where resumes /jobs are not matched by fluke, where employees are not satisfied by fluke, where client does not feel its needs met by fluke.

We wanted a level of consistency of excellence to be part of our core working everyday. Now to come up with a name to define it was the biggest challenge but like Seneca, the great Roman philosopher once said : ‘’Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Our clarity in our vision helped us recognize when we came across the name OCTAPACE, its each letter defined what the company stands for:

The Company imbibes the value of transparency and openness in its interactions and communication with its stakeholders.
With emphasis on solution-orientation, employees are encouraged to use collaborative approach to face problems head-on.
The business of staffing solutions demands great discretion. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality of information shared by our clients, vendors and candidates and work with utmost integrity.
OCTAPACE leverages its core competencies in servicing its clients, and in that we stay authentic by delivering more than we promise. Our behavior reflects our values.
We imbibe pro-action and initiative taking in everything we do, as means of differentiation. It has enabled us to anticipate issues and trends; and fulfill market demands with agility.
Agility and pro-activeness is facilitated by an autonomous work culture. OCTAPACE employees are an empowered workforce.
We are partners in our clients’, vendors’ and consultants’ growth. We take responsibility and collaborate to understand their requirements and provide services to best fit their needs.
We believe in continuous improvement and innovation to improve our processes and services. OCTAPACE’s innovative approach has been a catalyst in our growth and helped us adapt and respond faster to ever evolving market environment.
The OCTAPACE culture has enabled us to be effectiveness driven and has facilitated customer centricity in the organization. We take pride in our customers’ delight and they have shown their support by staying with us despite difficult market situations in the last few years.