Staffing Model

Being professional in their fields since more than a decade now, the founders of OCTAPACE Consulting have a thorough experience in understanding the need of the Clients/ Prime Vendors and recruiting the right skills for the apt vacancy.

Our staffing model is all about taking care of our 2Cs : the Candidates and the Clients

We assure our clients the following and they have been the reason of our success :

Our resumes are submitted on time
Our resume quality is so correct for the position that you will not feel that your time is wasted on reviewing them or calling our candidates.
We understand that filling a position for our clients is not only about fitting in the technical skills but also understanding your work environment and culture.
Process Oriented Functioning:
The Management team focuses on the company functioning by following processes and the procedures that are set within its core. As a result our strategy to close positions with you are specific to your need.
Before a candidate is submitted to you, there are at least 4 screenings he has gone thru within the company. Plus we screen the candidates further as they approach the submission cycle and then join the client. Our investment of this time yields results to have complete idea of the kind of candidate being submitted to you and who might eventually work at your or your client location.